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Epoxy Fast Metal Epoxy Putty Steel
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Product name:Epoxy fast steel


Main material:epoxy

Surface dry:5minutes

Water-resistant::set in 5 minutes




Shelf life:12 months

Product description:

Automotive Epoxy Putty is a fast setting, industrial strength compound that enables permanent repairs to anything made of steel or other metals. It does not shrink and is resistant to most common solvents. It can be sanded, drilled and painted after 60 minutes. Each stick of putty contains pre-measured portions of resin and hardener throughout therefore no measuring or mixing tools are necessary. Both components react to produce a hard, tough, permanent and waterproof bond on a wide range of materials.

Application:Bonding metal,glass,ceramic,wood,many rigid plastics,china,tile,fiberglass,concrete and stone.

Product features:

2 in 1 component

Mixes like putty, hardens like steel
Can be drilled, tapped, sanded or filed when cured

Can be used under water

Good adhesive on many materials

Bonds well into wet surfaces

How to use it?

Step 1:cut off required amount Step 2:mix to uniform color Step 3: apply to repair surface within 2 minutes

Technical data:

As Supplied – tested at 23°C±2°C, RH50%±5% 7 days :

Color after Cured


Hardness Shore A:

≥80 ASTM D-2240-050

Volatile Content, %

< 1

Volatile by volume, %

< 1

Specific Gravity:


Compressive Strength, MPa

≥70 ASTM D-695

Tensile Strength, MPa

≥22 ASTM D-638

Flexural Strength, MPa

≥4 ASTM D790-03

Bond Strength Metal, MPa

≥2.2 ASTM-D-1002

Electrical Insulation, KV/mm

≥10 ASTM-D-149

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